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The Director’s word, 

Business world has become widely more complex and furthermore has been made more opaque, as recent global financial crisis and scandals we have faced have shown. Within this context, the protection of both financial institutions and the economic system implies the development of dual skills both in criminal law and finance matters with a view to apprehend at best sensitive issues such as compliance, Anti Money Laundering and terrorism, anti-bribery systems and business criminal law in general.

In order to fulfil these high objectives, it is necessary to encourage each student to put economic and financial stakes into perspective with legal issues in real life. Our program accordingly offers every student a one-year apprenticeship within one of our partner companies - which makes us pioneers within the legal field.

Experts from those companies – bankers, insurance agents, lawyers, regulators – regularly deliver lectures in class sessions over the year. They teach their speciality topics and share their experience in up-to-date, specialised seminars. Furthermore, content of the courses schedule proves highly original thanks to the diversity of the subject matters taught which gather financial, accountancy and legal issues. Since its setting-up, the M2DPF has also benefited from a partnership with ESSEC, one the leading French business schools.

We thereby audaciously strive to train a new generation of excellent lawyers who will be able to better define the current needs in legal matters both of the financial sector and of the judiciary financial poles; so as to meet them.


Actualité du master - Publié le 14/06/21
Recontre avec Monsieur Bernard Cazeneuve, parrain de notre promotion.
Actualité du master - Publié le 10/04/21
Nous avons l’honneur de vous annoncer que la Promotion 2020-2021 du Master 2 Droit pénal financier est parrainée par l’ancien Premier ministre, aujourd’hui, avocat au sein du cabinet August Debouzy, Monsieur Bernard Cazeneuve.

Article juridique - Publié le 12/03/20
Le 19 février 2020, une partie de la Promotion Sapin a eu la chance d’assister à une conférence animée par Véronique CHAPUIS, responsable de la formation Intelligence Juridique au sein de l’Ecole de Guerre Economique intitulée : « Extra-territorialité : une nouvelle arme de guerre économique ? ».
Article juridique - Publié le 18/02/20
Une partie de la Promotion 2019-2020 était présente le 28 janvier dernier à l’École de Formation du Barreau (EFB) de Paris pour suivre la conférence « Programmes de prévention de la corruption : comment les faire vivre ? ».